In Fiesta, characters may group themselves into parties. These are small groups of up to five characters who work together. Being in a party gives characters access to a semi-private chat using the /p prefix or the party tab on the chat box. Being in a party also gives all members credit for kills made by other nearby party members. This can be useful for Power Leveling, or for completing quest kills. When in a party, a players display will include tabs for each of the other party members. These tabs show the member's HP and SP, and can be used to select the character. Clerics can use this to great effect by selecting party members and using healing magic (simpler then picking the character out of a mob).
Party tab lvl 17 archer

A party tab showing a level 17 female Archer. the HP is shown in red, and the SP in blue. the icon on the right is a buff

Starting a Party

To invite another character into a party one may right click the desired character and then left click 'invite party' in the pop-up menu. Also, one may select a desired character and right click the 'party' icon, or press the corresponding shortcut key-combination (no default). If the desired character is already in a party, this will be indicated in the notifications area.

Party Leader

In every party there is a leader, indicated with the crown on thier tab, or if you are the leader the crown will be in the small circle above and to the left of your picture. The party leader, by default, is the only one who can invite new members, or ban current ones. If the party leader chooses, she may enable 'free selection' which allows any member to invite new ones. The leader may also assign a new leader, by right clicking the new leaders tab and selecting 'assign party master' from the pop-up menu.

Any party member may leave a party by right clicking thier own status block and selecting 'leave party'.