HP Meter full

An image of a full HP meter.

HP is a common term in RPG games. It's short for Hit Points or Health Points. When the HP meter reaches zero, the character or the monster dies (depending on who's HP meter reaches zero).

Gaining more HP

There are some ways to increase one's maximum HP. Spending free stat points on Endurance is one way to increase one's maximum HP.

Classes and HP

Not every class has the same amount of HP, here's a list of the HP rating of the classes:

  • Fighter: A fighter has a lot of HP which he needs in fighting, with its high defence and good armour he can stand really long against monsters.
  • Cleric: A Cleric has less HP then a Fighter, but a lot more than a Mage and an Archer.
  • Archer: An Archer has slightly more HP than a Mage but its HP is a lot lower then the HP of a Fighter.
  • Mage: As a Mage attacks on a huge distance, and is often protected by Fighters and Clerics the Mage doesn't much HP. If a weak monster gets a chance to hit a Mage, it is easily killed.
  • Trickster:
  • Crusader:

Restoring HP

There are various ways to restore your HP, here are some ways to do it:

  • Using Potions and HP stones is the most common way. these items cost money.
  • By resting you restore small portions of HP and SP over time.
  • By getting healed by a Cleric.
  • If you die you respawn with a small portion of HP.
  • Leveling up restores all HP and SP.