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This page describes the Fiesta Store, shows you how to purchase premium in-game items and use those items within the game world.

What is The Fiesta Store?

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Fiesta Store Items

The Fiesta Store is all about making your Fiesta experience even cooler. Inside you will find tons of awesome premium items including powerful potions, epic enhancements, colorful clothes and much more.

Use items to customize your character, make leveling easier and give you an edge in battle! We even have unique items for your favorite holidays, and new stuff appears often!

How Do I Buy Items?

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Step 1. Get SparkCash

You need SparkCash to purchase premium items in Outspark games and at Getting it is easy! SparkCash is available for as low as $5 and we accept a variety of payment formats including major credit cards, PayPal, PayByCash and even Outspark Prepaid Cards. For complete information, visit

Step 2. SHOP!

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Visit the Fiesta Store, select an item for purchase and click the "Buy" button. On the following screen, click the big "Buy It Now" button to complete your purchase. You can even buy items for other players. To view your purchasing history,click on the "Purchases" tab at any time.

How Do I use My items?

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The countdown for all duration items (such as 7-days or 30-days) begins the first time you use or equip them. Once you add an item to a character’s inventory, it cannot be transferred to a different character.

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