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Clerics are healers. They can revive people with magic, and heal them off their wounds. They can also cast Buffs.


Clerics aid fellow adventurers with the holy power of light and deal damage with commands channeling holy wrath. The cleric can also bless his allies with magical shields and even increase their damage, making clerics an essential part of any raiding group. When a cleric speaks a word of power, you live or die.


Clerics can equip a Hammer or Mace and a Shield. They can only wear armor specific to their class and level. Main attributes for Clerics focused on healing are Endurance (more HP and Defense) and Spirit (more SP). If you want to be a combat cleric, try putting stat points into Strength (to increase damage output), Endurance and Spirit. For your Skill Empowers (under skills button "K" key), focus on increasing damage output at first. This will help you in combat should you wish to solo.

Other Features

Don’t worry about using up all your Skill Empower points and not being able to change them later; you can buy a skill empower reset scroll in the Fiesta store and try a different combination. At level 20 you can become a "High Cleric" through your class trainer quest and grow in your skills and power and at level 60 you can become a powerful "Paladin".

Cleric Weapons

Pros and Cons


  • Only class in game that Can heal
  • Fairly good in close combat
  • All kinds of supporting magic: invincibility, heal, Buffs


  • Low Damage Output compared to fighters
  • No ranged attacks
  • Very few special attacks


  • Cleric only


  • Mace
  • Hammer

Starting Stats

Strength Dexterity Endurance Intelligence Spirit HP SP
5 3 4 1 4 46 32

  • STR (Strength) - Increases All Physical Damage, Melee And Ranged
  • DEX (Dexterity) - Increases Evasion And Aim
  • END (Endurance) - Increases HP And Physical Defence
  • INT (Intelligence) - Increases Magical Defence and magic damage
  • SPR (Spirit) - Increases Magic Defence, Spirit points, Chance To Critical hits (Melee, ranged And Magical)

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